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The restructuring of the academic calendar will take effect in Septem- ber 2009. Final exams will not be sched- uled after April 30, giving students a chance to find summer jobs that will actually look good on a resume.The new fee hike has student unions worried that U of T will become less financially accessible.Rob Steiner, U of T's AVP of strategic communications, dismissed the possi- bility of financial barriers.After premier Dalton Mc Guinty ended a brief, two-year fee freeze in September 2006, activists have been campaigning for a reinstatement of the freeze.Last year, after GC voted to in- crease fees, financial reports showed a net income of 4.5 million on U of T's operations.Todd Gordon, a U of T professor in Canadian studies, said the charges amounted to a attack on debate."When people in positions of power have no meaningful response to dissent, they resort to coercion," said Gordon.Steiner was not avail- able to comment on this allegation.SEE CHARGES' -PG 2 Police arrested 14 protestors in connection with a IMarcli 20 sit-in at Simcoe Hall.Student and staff unions have of- fered support for the accused and condemned the investigations as a campaign to silence dissent."We have received support from Unite Here, CUPE Ontario, OCAP, OPIRG, several community groups, [and] from stu- dents from universities across Cana- da," said Deena Dadachanji, a spokes- person for the accused.


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