Cancer man dating a scorpio woman

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Well, the cancer woman, when feeling overwhelmed with her emotions, needs time and space to come to terms with her emotions, so she can stay rational in the situation.

Virgo man, by astrological characteristics, is not made for family life.

He finds it very difficult to make the decision to marry, after long and painful reflections and ravings.

Zodiac sign Cancer is not wasteful: Cancer woman will not waste money, she dreams of a house and puts her savings to purchase it.

Virgo man is also inclined to save because he is very afraid to depend on others in the future.

Zodiac sign Virgo is not inclined to accept everything on faith, so initially the inner femininity and softness of his darling will be perceived as her attempt to flattery.

He thinks that the only honest thing is prudence and a cool mind and that his woman tries to manipulate him through tenderness.Cancer woman will be thinking about marriage right away.She wants as soon as possible to get protection in the form of a strong robust man, to have a house with him, and raise their children.If the Cancer woman would hint this to her man or put pressure on him, he may back-pedal, or even end the relationship.Virgo man is not sure whether he could take on such responsibility.She is not fighting just hurt through a recent death and asked for me to give her space.i am happy to do this but want her to know that I know what she is going through and just want to be there for her.When she comes back out of her shell, it will be important for you talk to her about her grieving and let her know that it is understandable and necessary, and that you are there for her when she needs someone to listen.Don't try to fix anything (because in this case, you can't anyway), instead, just listen.i was very surprise one morning my husband came and started begging me to come back to his first i pretend to be angry then i accepted him back.


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