Cancer female and taurus male dating

They are able to applaud and compliment to each other, but to be open and critical at the same time.

The compatibility of Taurus and Cancer sometimes reminds a well-oiled machine.

It is perfectly working, but lacking the necessary magic.

Cancer is sensitive and high moral values are characteristic for this zodiac sign.

Taurus is usually more robust in holding opinions what goes down well with the Cancer’s expectation of the secure and peaceful home.

The marriage of Cancer and Taurus is a stable and long-lasting relationship.

But to be less poetic, you can imagine the roles in the marriage as following – the Taurus is less willing to accept big changes and experiments but more keen on everyday small tasks and delights.Cancer and Taurus will sense it weeks ahead before it comes.You must not take the reflective vest to draw attention to the coming danger.It is better to ask him, what he dreamed of the last few nights.The Cancer woman is pragmatical, but even if she will talk the whole day about the household finance situation, be sure that she will forget this in a minute when the pleasant moment comes.Do not worry and be a little impish on your first date.It is worth to know, how far you can go and still see the lovely and friendly smile.But you should talk about all the issues in advance and not wait until the final day of the breakup.It is simply better to do everything you can to avoid the last and loud .The quince is often more nice than tasty when compared with the pear.And also the love of Cancer and Taurus is usually more and practical than touching or deeply emotional.


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