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All the sex and none of the restrictions of a relationship certainly works well for some students and the liberation of no rules can help teenagers discover what they really want in a partner.Leeroy, who’s about to start his third year at Manchester University, says a relaxed attitude towards sex is standard, and he’s slept with six women and kissed another “40 or 50” since starting university.But in keeping with the collegiate atmosphere, his partners aren’t unfamiliar one night stands but friends who he sees regularly at parties.Formal dating is now a rarity, with many students unlikely to go on one date as a way to get to know a potential love interest.Instead, students have plenty of free time to socialise in groups, and so friendship, sex and romance blend together. Apart from the time he caught two STDs - chlamydia and gonorrhoea at the same time - and one instance with a girl who bit his lip until it was swollen, he says he has no regrets about his sex life.Just when you think you’ve learnt the laws of dating, they go and change every last rule in the book.Teenagers today have grown up in a culture where television sitcoms dissect the “third date rule” and pop songs talk of true love.Many students loiter in this no-man’s-land for much of their studies.Rachel, 21, is midway through her graphic design course at University of the Arts London and has had her fair share of casual sex – around 15 partners over the past three years.Ashe Schow, reporter, columnist, and senior contributor at The Federalist, joins Staff Writer Bre Payton on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour.They discuss a range of women’s issues including the campus dating scene and alleged gender wage gap.


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