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“I knew that Jordan was going to make an incredible movie. It’s like you’re running straight into a conversation that is impossible to have …I would have done yard work for Jordan after watching ‘Key and Peele,’” he said. Jordan knows the power of the conversation, and it’s even a better way to have the conversation — he is making the audience live the experience,” he recounted.

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“What Jordan did is the most extraordinary thing I have seen anybody do with a story in my career, and the degree of difficulty with which he did that is unprecedented.

“It’s so hard, everyone in that room has had the creative experience of a lifetime, and then somebody comes out and says the dachshund is better than the poodle.

Well, I want Jordan to be the dachshund.” For Whitford, he’s enjoying his time in the sun.

It’s very hard to make a movie work.” But — perhaps with an unquantified amount of luck, he claims — here he is, in the Oscar lineup with two movies that are polar opposites.

Whitford has a starring supportive role in “The Post,” directed and produced by Steven Spielberg, and alongside acting legends Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks.


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