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Jason Hoppy fired off a letter to the lawyer for Dennis Shields, who threatened to sue Hoppy claiming he was sending a flurry of disgusting, harassing emails to Bethenny and cc'ing him.Hoppy, who Shields claimed sent emails calling Bethenny ugly, old and irrelevant, never specifically disputed the content of what he sent, but he did say, "As a concerned father, I often have to contact others when I cannot reach my daughter through her mother." Hoppy goes on to say as long as Shields is in his daughter's life, "I have no choice but to have some type of relationship with him." Short story ...

I don’t want to bring other people into this experience.”Returning to the spotlight can be hard, Frankel admitted, but she received some great advice from her former boss, Ellen De Generes, who told her, “Don’t buy into the good and don’t buy into the bad.” For much more on Bethenny Frankel, pick up the May issue of Haute Living New York, available now.

Bethenny Frankel's ex-husband is bristling over threats by her current boyfriend to sue him for trashing her in emails, saying he's forced to interact with the BF because the guy's constantly around his daughter.

“I don’t think that I actually suck when I’m in a relationship, but I think that I haven’t gone with my gut enough.

I’ve made decisions out of fear, which is the biggest mistake people can make.

You have to make decisions out of truth.” “Time heals all wounds, and you have to know that,” she continued.

“Don’t medicate by drinking too much, eating too much, or putting your face in a pint full of ice cream.In her new book, she works through her mistakes, and dives back into the dating world, giving advice along the way.“My therapist would say that I don’t suck at relationships and that I give it my all, but if I had to be honest, I think I suck at choosing the right people for me,” she admitted to the magazine.Though Frankel and second husband Jason Hoppy are in the middle of a messy divorce, she remains optimistic about finding love again.Bethenny noted other such relationships, in response to a mention on the Wendy Williams show.It's unsettling when u can't be called out bc i'll admit it all.This isn't the 1st separated man i've dated either.Singer and songwriter David Cassidy may be best known for his role in the famed 1970's sitcom "The Partridge Family", but during his most recent adult years, the former teen pop-star has become equally infamous for his struggles with alcohol.• Business Blitz • Bethenny Frankel • Real Housewives • Charity • Crazzzzy • Reality TV • Controversy • Bravo cast member Bethenny Frankel…But if Carole's recent blog post is any indication, uh, this sure is an interesting way of showing support!Shields threatened to sue Hoppy if he didn't stop the emails, so it seems like they're gonna have a date in court.Bethenny Frankel just keeps us guessing about her love life.


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