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But which site is better when it comes to finding you a mate, staying true to its word and being open about membership rules and billing? We weren’t interested so much in which site is least expensive, but rather which site treats its users better. The founder and lead pitchperson for the site is Dr.

Neil Warren, who says e Harmony is the first dating site to use a scientific approach to match people who are extremely compatible.e Harmony says it has over 20 million users, which leads one to believe there’s a huge chance of meeting somebody, because common sense dictates that having millions of profiles to search through will better the odds of finding that ideal mate. Most of those posting reviews to Consumer Affairs say it's not, giving the company a 1 rating out of a possible 5.“I am giving them one star for two reasons,” a reader from Canada wrote. I turned off auto-renew option three times and three times I still saw charges on my credit card.

Many complaints alleged the company is not vigilante enough at removing phony profiles and finding matches that meet the user’s specifications.“I cancelled my account in November 2011 over the phone,” wrote Cyril of Durham, N. I just noticed that today and got a refund for the last period. They have no trace of my cancellation, but they could tell me that I haven’t used my account since November 2011.“They make money on people not checking their account carefully and can slip some charges until the consumer starts noticing them.

The site wasn’t even worth $59 for the 6 months trial period, but they still managed to squeeze $239 over one year period with their scheme. Lola of Minnesota had another take on, since she’s experienced a great deal of success in the dating department because of the site.

It is one-sentence gibberish.” Stack Overflow, in contrast, goes deep.

Stack Overflow users gain reputation by giving the best answers, and answers are peer-reviewed.Although there are some readers who found that same kind of success with e Harmony, the balance seems to top towards also has a slight advantage over e Harmony for the live events that the site puts together.It doesn’t cover every topic under the sun, either, just programming.Stack Overflow is often compared to Quora, another geeky Q&A site that attracts tons of smart people.However, readers didn’t seem to have as many billing issues with e Harmony as they did with Match.So, both sites can either help or frustrate you when it comes to finding a mate, and according to our readers, the more time you spend reading all of the guidelines, the more likely you’ll be less surprised about certain charges.Who doesn’t want to find a mate at some point in their life? You can come and go without checking in with anybody, you can have all of the space you want to do whatever you want, and you have the opportunity to keep your dating options open until just the right person comes along.But with that being said, finding a person that you can face life’s harsher times with, while also having that person be there for the beautiful moments, is really a great thing to have.operates Stack Overflow and other peer-reviewed knowledge sites.Spolsky minces no words in his contempt for the Big Daddy of Q&A sites, Yahoo Answers. “Nobody wants to find Yahoo Answers in their search results.


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