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The responses were predetermined: Non-responsive virtual dates glossed over their partners’ feelings (with replies such as “Doesn’t sound so bad to me”) while responsive partners offered more comfort and understanding (e.g. After spilling their guts to online strangers, unwitting participants evaluated how sexually attractive they found those virtual dates.

Again, while men rated responsive women as more desirable than non-responsive women, a significant number of women reacted negatively to responsive partners, viewing them as less-desirable than non-responsive men.

“Some women may interpret responsiveness negatively and feel uncomfortable about a new acquaintance who seems to want to be close,” Dr. The researchers admitted that while the relationship between responsiveness and men's sexual preferences appeared to be fairly straightforward, women's desires seem to be more complicated. to media depictions of women as caring and nurturing, while men are far less often portrayed this way, and these representations influence our real-world expectations.

What's more, there are plenty of reasons why women might be skeptical of men who seem overly attentive.

The rest depends on your behavior during the date itself.

So, understanding how to behave on a first date to make a good impression is the question we answer. It may sound overly used and clichéd, but being yourself is probably the summary of all the tips to follow.

Additional rules to follow for first date success Now that we have those out of the way, how else should one behave on a first date to ensure you make it to the second one? Being late even with a valid excuse gives the impression that you don’t value the time the other person allotted for that date.

Arrive on time, or better yet, a few minutes earlier. Being a gentleman never gets old and the ladies appreciate the display of chivalry.

This means being sensitive if they are comfortable with the location, the food, and the topics you converse about.

You don’t need to ask your date if they’re okay every minute, but it’s about taking in non-verbal cues that suggest if she’s bored or uncomfortable.


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