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Reclaim scams, fake accommodation vouchers, inheritance scams, rental scams and promises of profits from commodities such a gemstones.

According to SCAMwatch, government departments will never ask for money up-front in order to claim a rebate.

Even if an email appears to be from an official source, contact the organisation through official channels to verify it has sent the message.

Do not click on links in emails which can contain harmful software.

The ACCC say the best defence is to not respond: "If a call comes out of the blue, just hang up." They recommend keeping computer security measures up to date to offer maximum protection.

Run virus scanning software if you believe your computer could be carrying a virus.Pay-up front and advanced fee schemes attracted almost double the number of complaints of any other scam in 2013.Popular on email and increasingly so on text message, these schemes involve victims receiving a message purporting to be from a government department, financial institution or business.In 2012, an international law enforcement effort led to a number of cold-calling computer virus scammers being caught.The ACCC says authorities face challenges in trying to shut down scams through court action.Phishing and identity scams are so common, the ACCC says it is likely "the majority of recipients" do not report it. Anyone asking for personal information including usernames and passwords.The ACCC recommends ignoring unexpected emails or text messages asking you to provide, confirm or update personal information.The City of London Police offer all sorts of tips -- from checking whether the potential lover is really who they say they are to never sending any money to someone you've met online.The FBI warns against those who have profile pictures that are a little too good to be true, profess instant feelings of love or claim to be from the US but are traveling or working overseas."If a particular ruse proves successful, then where one scam cell is shut down, other scammers are bound to step in.Scammers are also quick to change the story behind a scam when the community catches on," they said.


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