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by Nicole Atkins It’s no secret older men date young, beautiful girls.Hollywood has been exploiting the stereotype for decades, both on and off the screen.What you might not know is that older women also pursue younger guys.

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Women are taking notice of this and venturing outside their age bracket.

Many older men are on the rebound from a divorce and have no idea what they want.

All women have their own reasons for dating younger guys, but these are the most common.

The result is a growing trend of proud, successful women dating guys five, ten, sometimes fifteen years their junior.

Many older women experience a sense of rejuvenation when they date a younger guy.

Maybe it’s his robust charm or the novelty of dating someone younger.This is one of the most frequently cited reasons older women date younger guys. Younger guys listen more attentively and take part in the conversation. Thanks to the the explosion in popularity of online dating it is now extremely easy for these connections to happen without any fear of rejection. Any guy who’s had blue balls knows how frustrating it can be.In fact, there are several great dedicated dating sites for older women interested in younger men. An older woman who dates a guy her age gets blue tubes every time he forgets to pop that pill first.More older women are going for guys they can show off to their friends.He’s smart, he’s fun, and he’s sexy from every angle.If she knows she has options, she’s more willing to go into it with an open mind and heart. They’re usually just starting their careers, not bogged down with unreasonable schedules. They want to be with someone who can share their thirst for adventure.A weekend wine tasting trip or last-minute evening hike.TIP: When you meet an older woman, leverage the fact that you don’t come with a suitcase full of drama.Let her know you’re willing to be serious, but that you want to have fun. They’re tired of the mundane schedules they’ve grown accustomed to.They’ll often admit they don’t want to marry again or aren’t looking for a “long-term thing.” The data don’t lie.If a woman wants to date a guy who’s open and ready to explore commitment, she knows where to find him.


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