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He tells Us Weekly magazine, "Dolores and I had a great life, and yet I was yearning to hit the road.Some people go to therapy to figure it out; I sailed down the Amazon! I told her, 'I'm going away from you so I can come home to you.'" Mc Carthy divorced Schneider in 2005 and together they have one child, Sam, 10.

He was wearing an interesting combination of gray twill dungarees (no belt) and a beige-colored linen shirt. His voice was raised in frustration, and he pointed his finger across the table. You never shed it.”) Worst of all, he claims he was never even in the Brat Pack. Elmo’s Fire , a co-star says, ‘He plays all his roles with too much of the same intensity. Mc Carthy’s chalkboard green eyes betrayed more hurt than anger., Mc Carthy revealed that his 15-year-old son, Sam, will appear in an upcoming movie alongside a fellow Brat Packer.“My son is doing his first movie now, and his screen mom is of course Molly Ringwald!Indeed, like all great divas, Mortimer’s is benefiting from some ace surgery and repositioning. It’s new name and trademark is Swifty’s, for Bernbaum’s pug, who predeceased his owner. “Our prices will be in line with Mortimer’s–moderate to medium,” said Mr. “Our wine list will be excellent and well priced.” Mr. The long hard road of Keith Richards’ face ended in a wry smile. I have to say hello to her,” he said, walking away. When The Transom admitted that we were not aware that she was opening in Noël Coward’s Waiting in the Wings in December, Ms.Decorators Anne Eisenhower and Mario Buatta are performing the last of several gentle procedures (apricot walls). Caravaggi wants to clear the tables near the bar after about P. each night, to draw people in for a nightcap or late supper. “It’s the first time we’ve met and basically we agree on everything,” said the Rolling Stone as he cocked his mug at the woman sitting next to him. Richards was referring to actress Lauren Bacall, his tablemate at the post-premiere party for Albert Brooks’ new movie, The Muse . Bacall, everybody seemed to be in a sociable frame of mind. Keitel, who earlier had been concerned about who was at his table, seemed to hit it off with the newly single Andie Mac Dowell, who co-stars in The Muse . After his first question-and-answer with The Transom, Mr. Bacall replied, “I can see you’re right up-to-date,” and immediately gave us the distinct impression that the conversation was over. Brooks replied: “It even surprised me a little bit because Scorsese does not like to fly.… He was asking me all these non-movie questions like, well, how windy is it out there [in Los Angeles]? (prison notwithstanding), managed to eke out a decent living far past 1985. There were a couple of pretty good ones, too, like 1994’s Mrs. He plays Clifford with a mix of vulnerability and bitterness. Apparently, 1989’s hide-the-body flick Weekend at Bernie’s made a dent. Mc Carthy is occasionally confronted by sidewalk critics. “I think I understand why he didn’t leave any provisions for keeping Mortimer’s going,” said Mr. “Glenn couldn’t deal with his emotions, so he made his death as impersonal as he could.” More likely, Bernbaum didn’t need anyone pointing out the sins of the father once he was gone.He said that an inordinate number of truck drivers stick their heads out their windows and yell, “Hey, where’s Bernie? Inside his new E-shaped dining room on April 19, Mr. The chopped salads, chicken salad, twinburgers, crabcakes and soufflés to order.” There’ll be lunch and dinner, seven days a week. “To tell you the truth,” said Nan Kempner, “I didn’t like the way Glenn left his staff. They worked for him practically from the beginning. It’ll be fun and delicious and intimate and filled with pals with the same great food.Tell him that a long time ago when he was young, and you were younger, you admired the way he screwed up his face in consternation and the manner in which he always ran his fingers through his hair. “You seem to be wanting something that’s validating something in your own thing because you had an experience with it,” Mr. “Sort of, but Star Trek actually has some very profound messages going on,” he said. New York magazine hit the stands and immediately created a stir in Hollywood. In fact, he uses the photograph as evidence that he was never, ever a member of the Brat Pack. ” he said of the only part of his anatomy that made the cover.It seemed emblematic of some generational angst, a moody, grumbling counterpoint to the insufferable optimism of Ronald Reagan and, for that matter, Emilio Estevez. Mc Carthy replied when The Observer said some of those very things to him over lunch on Aug. They just hear frustration when in fact what I’m saying is that’s something that you put on us . ” Star Trek is different.” Once upon a time, people dreamed of hanging out with Judd Nelson, shopping at Aca Joe with Rob Lowe, passing notes to Ally Sheedy. The stars were angry, and their publicists all got on the phone and chewed out then- New York editor Ed Kosner. Mc Carthy’s] anger had something to do with the original cover photo for the piece,” said Mr. But it was something written within the article that stung the most. Estevez was dubbed “the unofficial president,” Tom Cruise “the hottest of them all,” and Sean Penn the heir to Robert De Niro’s acting throne, Mr.


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