American woman dating a french man

They conduct their love lives, more or less independently of their families.So you need not dread the prospect of meeting your boyfriend’s mom unless things are quite serious between the two of you.

Who doesn’t dream of experiencing the ultimate love affair in Paris – the city which is consistently held up as the romance capital of the world.

So if you are heading for the country with the same idea and hoping to find your beau in the land of l’amour, here is a primer on what French men are like.

Sense of style It is not for nothing that Paris is reputed as the nerve center of international couture.

Here is where the trends are made and fashion defined.

In fact France is one of rare countries of the world which still has a national institution – L’Académie Française – to formally regulate the French language.

So if you are looking to catch the attention of a French guy, try to speak a bit of the language.The same degree of liberal-mindedness is evident in their other relationships as well.Unlike Italian or Asian guys, French men are not so hung up about what their families, especially mothers, would think of their dates.At the same time though expect your French guy to come up with some rather incisive remarks on your dress or appearance since they are known to hold rather individual opinions on matters of style and fashion.Sexually liberated French lovers have always be reputed as among the most sexually liberated of the male species.Also when with them you need now drown yourself in perfume since they don’t even mind if you smell “natural” during intimate moments.Best of all you can experiment a good deal with your French boyfriend in bed and you may even be surprised to find out that their fantasies go way beyond than their women dressing up as French maids.He will most likely have an opinion on everything and even steer every conversation in the direction of art, politics and history to show his intellectual side.Indeed the French even have the reputation of being rather aggressive about the artistic and cultural accomplishments of their country.A French guy may come off as argumentative and political sometimes, but it is only their way of getting to know you; and if you can give evidence of your own intellectual and political awareness, you are sure to make a good impression on him, though you may not be able to get him to agree with you.Passionate about food and drink One of the best parts about dating a French guy is that you can look forward to be entertained at a place where the food and wine are worth talking about.


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