Air force 1 air force dating

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Narratives written by members of the branch during and after the war are in series AIR 41.

Document references omitted in the published versions may be found in series CAB 101.

From 1919 to 1939, the RAF was involved in a number of campaigns in the Middle East and India.

Records which relate to these campaigns fall in the department code AIR.

Operations record books (ORBs) may provide extra information about servicemen or women where details in the service records are patchy.

ORBs exist for different units within the RAF and are in the department code AIR.

AIR 1 may supply details of service formations and other sources for use in official histories and narratives of operations. Use the Admiralty index and digests in ADM 12 to identify potential references in ADM 137.

Additional information may be found in series AIR 2 which also includes papers of the Admiralty and the War Office relating to aviation and aeronautics. Read our guide on How to find naval correspondence using the ADM 12 indexes and digests for more information.

Other records include: Many of the series for the period of the Second World War contain records relating to the inter-war period. Most records about high command are found in various war Cabinet records.

This includes: You can search memoranda about the high command in series CAB 65-68, in our catalogue.


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