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Muslim values were emphasized in the design of the arms and in its Arabic inscriptions, translated as “Islamic State of Afghanistan,” “God is great,” and “There is no deity but God; Muhammad is the messenger of God.” The coat of arms also featured a mosque with a prayer niche and altar, two flags, two crossed sabres, and sheaves of wheat.

The government that adopted that flag was reduced to control over only a few provinces in the north by 1997, but internationally its flag was still recognized for Afghanistan.

Or at least that's the story; in any case, the authenticity of the documents has satisfied scholars.

Now the National Library of Israel (NLI) is working on collecting the fragments and making them digitally accessible to a worldwide audience of scholars and users.

A new national constitution approved in 2004 but not yet promulgated stipulates adding the inscription “God is great” and the date 1298 in the Islamic calendar (corresponding to the Gregorian date of 1919), the year Afghanistan achieved independence.

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On January 29, 2002, the government adopted the current flag.

Its modified coat of arms includes the Arabic inscriptions “Afghanistan” and “There is no deity but God; Muhammad is the messenger of God.” The coat of arms still includes a mosque, two flags, and sheaves of wheat.

NEW YORK – The UN’s top envoy in Afghanistan urged the Taliban to engage in direct Afghan-owned talks with authorities in Kabul and start a peace process to bring the suffering of the Afghan people to an end.

HERAT - Government officials at a UN-backed symposium in Herat’s Guzara district gathered with activists, religious scholars and other community leaders to discuss recent efforts in the western province to improve protections for women’s rights.


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