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Ad Sense is a great revenue option, but affiliate marketing can easily bring in double your Ad Sense revenue, WITHOUT impacting your Ad Sense earnings. But if that’s your main attempt at affiliate marketing, then it’s a big waste of your time and effort.

”Of course it’s dishonest to recommend something you don’t actually believe in. If you write a dishonest review, your readers will pick up on that, and they’ll probably move on and NOT buy using your affiliate links. Focus on doing reviews and writing articles for products that you LIKE and can actually RECOMMEND. And it has the easiest to use affiliate program out there.

So – they want to see an honest, objective review of a product before they buy it. So find great products, provide and honest review with benefits and weaknesses, recommend the product, and offer affiliate links to purchase them.

A question plaguing most beginners with affiliate marketing…

Do your research and find the programs you’ll be focusing on, and go from there.

Another affiliate network similar to Click Bank that’s starting to gain some ground is Share Pay Now.


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