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• Remember to ask all the key information you need (e.g. 1 In your own words, tell each other about your two most useful pieces of advice. Jacques complained to Todd aboul Olivier's behaviour.2 Tell each other if there is any advice in the articles that you do not completely agree with. 1 How do people usually deal with personal conflict in your country? Jacques explained that, a very good customer had placed a very large order, and this order had to be given priority.•So what arolhe practical steps lual young managers need to take in order to be welcomed? You need to build credibility with your hoy stakeholders on a one-to-one basis to order to show thai you are up lo the job. e) Thanks very much for your hospitality, f) I really enjoyed the meal tonight. 1 You are having dinner with a business contact who tries to persuade you to try a type of food you hate. 2 You meet a business contact in a foreign country. Also, tell them about yourself using a) to d) as a guide. customers In themselves, rather than sharing it with their collea^ucs- • They are aggressive when selling and put pressure on customers to buy.

Yon have been selected for your youth and energy - draw on it. FTNANCIAL TIMES Q Find words or phrases In the second part of the article which mean the following. person or group is treated bettor than others in an unfair way favouritism 2 a small group of people who seem unfriendly to other people 3 a group of people who agree to work together to reach the same objective 4 to lose control of yourself because of stress 5 when you think you are belter or more important iftan other people 6 to work more or better than other people expect you to 7 thai makes people feet enthusiastic and excited Q In pairs, discuss and agree on the three most important pieces of advice. Maria is being entertained by works for the company she Is visiting on a business trip to Sweden. W Put these sentences in the correct order to write a paragraph about good planning. In your pairs, match the words from the article (1-4) to their meanings (a-d) before you read.

3 When you work in another culture, you realise that all people are the same. 1 Why is it important for young managers to make key people believe in them and trust them? Mf M'ii new sales team was made up of representatives of both companies.

4 You have to remember that people are unique and different individuals, Q Work in pairs or in small groups. i What would you find difficult if you had to go and work in a very different culture from your own? 6 communicate f) in regular training courses for employees. Q Which do you thfnk are the three most Important qualities in Exercise A? my boss every Monday at our regular meeting, 3 Wc- argued ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, next year's budget for over an hour. 2 What should young managers do about their weaknesses, according to Mr Newhall? 1* was led by Muller's Sales Manager, ami Peterson's Sales Manager became his deputy* AI the end of the first year, ii.

) 4 giving gifts 5 shaking hands/kissing/hugging/bowing 9 Managing peoplej 0O9.5 Rachel, who is from the UK, Is on a business trip to Russia. e) Once you have defined that, you have to decide by when you want to achieve it. believe communicate deal delegate invest listen respond If you ask employees what qualities they value most in a manager, the majority will tell you that they need a manager who can............................... Obviously, nobody likes talking to a brick wall, and the ability to .,..,..,..,..,.., , clearly with colleagues is essential to anybody in a management position. in regular professional development opportunities for their staff. Instead, you need to get people to ihink about what they need-15 pom the other person and what diey tail offer the other person to help move things forward. This is because the company has stopped subsidising all drinks and meals. His expenses are much higher than those of all the other representatives.

Match these sentence halves to create a letter of invitation. Secondly, when staff worry over certain issues, a good manager should ................. Finally, a good manager should also................. ♦ "When you handle conflict, 20 don't U link ol it us iighlii i g a haule, but as a service, you can offer your employees. iu how v Ou handle ouuflicl 2s across the organisation. Their union representative meets the general manager to discuss the situation. the union representatrve (turn to page 140) or the general manager (turn to page 144). He has still not introduced Todd to the biggest buyers in his areas. He often ignores Todd's phone messages and misses important meetings. The goods had Io bo delivered by the end of the month, at the latest.


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