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The market is crowded with different group video chat apps, but some of them are not professional enough, and those who are, come with a very expensive price.

However, today, video chat has become a normal communication method, and people from the whole world are using it.

The technological progress allows you to benefit from some very advanced features, in a fast and simple way.

Thankfully, the adjustable video resolution is great for you with bad internet connection.

It enables you to attend the video conference without any lag, and a more than decent video resolution.

Its diversity of features is ideal for any company that wants a strong and reliable form of video communication.

The mobile version of this app is extremely useful, allowing you to connect to the video conference, from an i OS or Android operated device.(Needs others listed.) The "make your own group" feature came along in summer of 1999, when MSN did away with the real newsgroups IRC chat rooms.Message boards, chat rooms, one customizable home page and photo albums were added.Since 1995, there were various communities on MSN, all run by MSN, featuring real newsgroups and IRC chat rooms.They were not easily updatable as only MSN Communities staff members could update the one page that each "community" had. Around 1998–99, MSN created the home pages, which were real Web sites much like Tripod or Geo Cities.The following article aims to present the 7 best group video chat apps and to explain their key features.ez Talks Meetings is quickly becoming a standard in video conferencing, being used for both personal and business purposes.MSN Groups was shut down on February 21, 2009 as part of a migration of online applications and services to the Windows Live brand.Windows Live Groups, a part of the Windows Live branding, was never marketed as, or intended to be a replacement for MSN groups.ez Talks Cloud Meeting can be tried for free, and you can have up to 100-person video conferences, with no charges involved.The premium feature is recommended for bigger conferences, which allows you to have up to 500-person video conferences.


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