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Bond arrangements can be put in place for a number of reasons, one of which being for the purposes of financing compensation claims.

There are circumstances where we may be required to investigate such claims.

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Please contact our compliance advice team on [email protected] Compensation must be available to any person whose connection to the electronic communications network has been the subject of unauthorised use of the relevant live service(s).

Claims for compensation may be made by any person whose connection to the electronic communications network has been the subject of unauthorised use.Such investigations are not considering specific breaches of the Code.Instead they deal with matters such as unauthorised use of the communications network and whether any particular claim is justified or merely vexatious.The CAP member will make an adjudication, after such investigation as he considers appropriate, on the basis of the material in front of him.” 5.An intervention by the Phone-paid Services Authority under the direction of a legally qualified member of the CAP may be appropriate where claimants escalate their claim to Phone-paid Services Authority.Special conditions are applied to certain types of service where the Phone-paid Services Authority is satisfied after public consultation that there is an increased potential for consumer risk, harm or offence.Each Special conditions regimes is unique to the risks presented by the service types and is set out in Notices which can be found on the links below: It is important to remember that service registration should always be completed within 48 hours of commencement regardless of the service type, however on top of this some Special conditions require additional information that is not usually mandatory to also be provided.An intervention before the end of the 1 month period set out in LECS14(d) may be considered appropriate where there is evidence the provider is not conducting its investigation in a timely manner or where there are unnecessary requests for information made by a provider to a claimant causing undue delay to the process.Where there are concerns, a legally qualified member of the CAP may set a time limit for settlement of claim(s), and this will be notified to the relevant provider. In these circumstances, where the matter is still unresolved, the Executive will conduct its own investigation of the claim and prepare a report for the legally qualified CAP member to consider.However, claims may be paid out from the bond amount where such an order is made by the CAP member as part of its adjudication of such claims.This will be necessary where cooperation with the claim has not been given by the relevant provider. Directions to make payment in respect of claims will not be published, however, they will be supplied to the relevant provider in writing as soon as possible after the decision has been made, and if a provider is required to cease operation of any relevant services in accordance with LECS14(k) this may be published on our website.


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