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Lumber, fisheries, and shipbuilding have fueled the local economy for much of the region’s history.Fish and marine mammals filled the waters offshore.It was not long before white Americans came to the area to exploit those resources.One of these, on what is now called Elliott Slough, was situated close to a sturgeon fishing ground.Fish of up to 200 pounds were pulled out of the water and dried for the winter.Later, in 1856, the Quinault and Queets would sign a different treaty with the governor, the Treaty of Olympia, and move to a reservation located north of Grays Harbor. Usher authorized the purchase of land at the confluence of the Black and Chehalis rivers, near Olympia, for a reservation for the Chehalis tribes, today known as the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation.The Upper and Lower Chehalis continued living among white settlers, though those settlers were rapidly filing claims on land suitable for a Chehalis reservation. Economic Developments Thousands upon thousands of wooded acres surrounded Grays Harbor.Other scattered settlements grew up around the harbor, but they remained small and did not begin to develop into towns until the 1880s.The families who claimed or bought land mostly practiced subsistence farming, with little access to outside markets.The closest permanent Chehalis village was on the point now occupied by Westport.The Chehalis continued to travel to hunting, fishing, and gathering sites.


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