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While cell phones permit users with a constant connection to their environment and social circles, they also can serve as a constant distraction.

National surveys suggest that many do not refrain from using this technology even in situations that may be hazardous, such as driving [].

University of Oklahoma students stage a protest on March 9, 2015, the day after a video surfaced online showing members of the local Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity singing racist lyrics. Boren swiftly shut down the fraternity, expelled two students for leading the song and later disciplined 25 others.

Civil libertarians and legal experts on both the right and left argue the lyrics were protected under the First Amendment.

Sub-groups differences were assessed using models with interaction terms.

When universal hand-held cell phone bans were effective, hand-held cell phone conversations were lower across all driver demographic sub-groups and regions.Defenders of such programs say they are vital for global understanding, but critics say they may compromise academic freedom.Cell phone use behaviors are known to vary across demographic sub-groups and geographic locations.A 2015 national survey of cell phone owners revealed that nearly 50% of respondents said they could not live without this technology [].Therefore, there is little controversy that many Americans are enamored with their mobile devices.In New York, hand-held CPWD initially decreased after the ban was enacted and then rose to pre-law levels 16 months later; the findings also showed that CPWD decreased among both sexes and across various age groups of drivers (i.e. Collectively, these studies suggest that hand-held CPWD bans likely reduce road-side observed cell phone use among drivers.However, there are still extant gaps in the literature.those with learner’s permit or intermediate licenses) [].Because this study focuses on road-side observed driver behavior, only these types of studies shall be reviewed.Sub-group differences existed among the sexes (-value, 0.0003).Compared to states without universal hand-held cell phone bans, the adjusted odds ratio (a OR) of a driver hand-held phone conversation was 0.34 [95% confidence interval (CI): 0.28, 0.41] for females versus 0.47 (CI 0.40, 0.55) for males and 0.31 (CI 0.25, 0.38) for drivers in Western states compared to 0.47 (CI 0.30, 0.72) in the Northeast and 0.50 (CI 0.38, 0.66) in the South.


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