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Avira Un Erase From the people who also provide the free Avira antivirus PC INSPECTOR Smart Recovery Recovers jpg, tif, bmp, gif, crw, raf, raw, orf, dcr, mrw, nef, x3f, avi, mov, wav, and dss image and multimedia files from most digital camera removable memory devices.

Without this info, Windows can't find all the parts of the file. If you only run SCANDISK once a month, you get a month's worth of old crash junk.

When SCANDISK or CHKDISK is run, all the parts are identified as "lost file fragments" and converted (if you want) into CHK files. If you were working on (and lost) something important just before a crash, you might want to try to recover any data from any CHK files that exist.

This computer is great for anyone who wants a laptop for surfing the web, online shopping, flash games, light gaming, and watching youtube videos.

But performance wise it really starts to suffer, it only came with a 2.1GHz processor which is why everyone is having problems running windows 10 because the minimum specs to run windows 10 includes a 2.0GHz processor.

I'll do a side-by-side comparison: About a quarter the files it recovers are either mis-named duplicates (which can't be opened) or fragments (which you might not be able to open).

But it allows you to choose scan depth options so you can decide how to trade off missed files and false detections.and you already tried fixing it with Scan Disk, then Un Chk and File Chk (or something like them) may be your only hope.Once you run scandisk or do anything else to a bad drive (like running a program or copying a file), you make changes to the "File Allocation Table" (FAT) that helps track where the files are (were) actually stored.The Un CHK program link above (at the top of the comparison table) is for version 3.Version 3 was built for Windows 2000, but might work on computers as old as Windows 95 view the Virus Total report.There will be nothing but neutrons and black holes in the universe by the time you get anything recovered. Your only hope is that you were hit by a particular kind of virus...Maybe a virus made a separate copy of your FAT and hid it in a "bad" sector of your hard drive. If the virus suddenly got killed (usually because a newer virus tried to take its place), then nobody would know where the real FAT was hidden.Well, any time a program or Windows crashes, any files that were open are not closed properly.Part of closing is writing all the file location information in all the right places.I recommend you use the newest version that applies, because the older versions really needed the fixes and features that are in later versions!PC INSPECTOR File Recovery A generic file and disk recovery program.


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