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Women, on the whole, are far more discerning than men when it comes to physical attraction.

Sure, backlinks, keywords and other traditional signals are still important. In fact, Google went on to say that Rank Brain was one of their “top 3” ranking signals: (The other 2 key search engine ranking factors? The question is: How do you optimize your site for Google Rank Brain?

Here are two simple, easy-to-implement tips that are working great for me right now: First, improve your organic click-through-rate (CTR). And that’s why optimizing your site for organic CTR is so important.

A while back, Google announced their Rank Brain algorithm.

Because today I’m going to show you the exact SEO techniques that I use to generate 151,981 unique visitors per month. All of these proven strategies are working GREAT in 2018. And here are the tactics you’ll learn about in this post.

I’m not a psychologist who has been trained to delve into your past; my specialty is helping women in the present model confident behavior to elicit better results in the future.

Your issue, in this instance, isn’t lack of confidence; it’s something that runs much deeper, something you only hinted at when you say that your family “messed you up.” Without knowing you, I have to concur.

You seem to be somewhat aware of this when you state that you walk away from emotionally distant men – and yet you claim they’re the only people you sleep with, since the “vast, vast, vast” majority of men are unattractive to you. I agree, she’s self-aware and right to be concerned if that hindera her goals.

And here you are, writing to me, wondering if you will ever be able to love anyone. I can’t “fix” you from here, but I can tell you that something is very wrong if you only find 2 people attractive “every few years.” There’s being discerning, and there’s being impossible, and you’ve unfortunately raised the bar so high that no man can jump it. I’m just bracing for some of the responses that are coming.

Google Rank Brain wants to see that lots of people are clicking on your site in the search results. Let’s boost it to the top of the page so it’s easier to find”. I have a very cool strategy that you can use to improve your CTR later in this post (SEO strategy #4).

But for now, here’s a quick tip that I recently learned: One of the EASIEST ways to get more clicks is to add numbers to your title and description tag.


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