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He to is a Marine Engineer he is going by the name of Michael Guccio and that his machine blew up and needed 3800.00 for repair have not sent any money to him at all, he told me I was the love of his life that he didn't feel this way toward his wife, it really freak me out when he called via facebook and he wasn't Italian at all. I have been readind these for awhile now because im worried about my sister. He called me baby which I told him not because we never met in person then he would call me honey which I don’t like.

He was very convincing at first but I am no longer naive. Sweet and he also sent me a description of a "dream" he had that would be the envy of a writer for dirty paperbacks. He sent a pic from the airport, same pic he first sent, I wanted so much to believe him, I fell in love with him, but it is too similar to everyone's stories on here, oh god, I am sick to my stomach, he is so sweet and kind, I am going to try and do a background check. He told me he is 54 and his birthday is on Sept 24.

I didn't send it and he blew up saying I had broken his heart and he went away mad. Wanted me once to send his daughter a birthday gift. This guys name is James Markson, if anyone knows of him please send me a message back on here. He first was in Syria and th3n to Kabul Afghanistan.

And I badly sent him almost 200 euro through western union to a lady in Spain. He told me that he had a lot of money but due to conduct zone his bank account was locked and he could it use his money from there. He told me he loves me too much I was his darling wife a s his queen.

He told me his wife passed away 3 yrs ago for cancer.

A d that was the last money I sent him always through western union but not anymore to Anne Witt but to Belgium to his son teacher.

Then when he asked me to pay his document retirement of 1850 usd it was when I told him I didn't have anywhere else to look for money.

He has not asked her for no money what she wired wasnt hers but she went through alot of red tape and aggravation the money was for him to come to her in us that was two weeks ago and he claims hes stuck in dubai and i know she has bought him couple i tune cards. I have a guy named Ryan Hofmann who just flew over to Dubai for work... I bought him 125 i Tunes Gift card and wired him through western Union 200.00 to what he called an agent that his commander assigned to get all the care packages together since the drop had been compromised by a bomb a terrorist had planted and injured some soldiers. He was in search of true love because he caught his girlfriend in bed with his best friend. I asked him what his favorite meal was and he said bacon and eggs.

His picture to me looks like ryan Gosselin in a couple hes wearing that white jacket i hate to be the one who breaks her heart but i have to shut this shit down. he says he’s a civil engineer He has been doing everything but asking for money, but i’ve only known of him for two weeks, how do I check out his photos?? His parent was pass away when he was a small said he haft and haft American with Vietnamese. Simple but it’s better than eating out of these packages everyday.

Thanks, this is he loved in Baltimore maryland, with a 10yr old son in a boarding school and has 1 sister. He told me to have a 14 yrs old son and he was exactly as you said onboarding school in Nigeria.

He fiest asked me money cause his son lost his credit card.


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